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2010 King of the Hammers Photos


I was lucky enough to get to attend the 2010 King of the Hammers race in Southern California. I posted all of the pictures on the Octane site. Please check them out if you’re interested.

2010 King of the Hammers Photos

JVC GY-HM100 Still Shot


This is a single frame pulled from a 720P shoot. It was run through Photoshop and Auto-Leveled.

I am very happy with the quality. It is more than sufficient for anything web related.

Click on the image to be taken to the flickr page to see the full resolution version.


King of the Hammers SoCal Trip


I was invited by Blue Torch Fab to tag along with them on their trip to Southern California for the King of the Hammers race. All went well and you can find more information and pictures up on the Octane Media site (race information and pictures).

More information about the Blue Torch buggy: http://pirate4×

Behind the Lens


Last week was our annual family “vacation” in Ft. Morgan, AL. I put quotes around vacation because this year that word has a whole new meaning. For the last 30 years of my life, vacations were mostly relaxing, although few and far between. Well, now with the addition of my daughter to the family, we take shifts chasing her around. She’s a blast to chase. It’s also very inspiring for me to just watch her watch the world. At her age, almost everything is a learning experience.

My wife and I took about 2000 pictures over the week. Keeping with my Rule of Almost 10, I have picked out my 12 favorites. Click the image below to jump to the Flickr set.

All shots were taken with a Canon 40D using either a Canon 10-22 or a 28-135 lens. Edits and organization were done with Adobe Lightroom 2 Beta.

Fort Morgan 08-6

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